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  1. FakeIplComissioner™ – A ‘Faking It’ tale


    June 8, 2010 by MokkaCheenu

    MokkaCheenu is here !!!!
    Welcome to the café and it’s another mokkecipe! IPL2’s best player was the inspiration for this series. No, we’re not talking about Gilchrist or any other cricketer. Well, he is a cricketer in his own right but not an apparent one per-se. Yup. FakeIplPlayer(FIP) it is. He was single-handedly the most popular player from KKKK…KKR. (Funny I thought Ekta kapoor had the choice of naming this club). ‘Faking It’ will feature really fake people. Here’s the first installment! Who better to kick things off than the IPL Comissioner (suspended) himself! Without further adieu, we bring to you, Lalit.K.Beedi, aka, FakeIplComissioner. Read on …


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