9 o’ clock fuse – Tennis Olympics


June 21, 2012 by FilterKaapi


Dai Paes and Bhupathi? What yuvar think? Whether yuvar think that yuvar some lord Langot? No, no? That means then why yuvar acting like small 3 year old papa who is telling he wanting only red color lollipop?

First Paes is telling he is play with anyone. That OK. Then Bhupathi is telling he is no play with Paes. That also OK. Some fighting yuvar having between yuvarself. That and all OK. But dai Boapanna! What ra? Yuvar sandhu-le-sindhu paadifying? (That means, in gully singing Sindhu.) Yuvar trying to be playing the victim card and all by telling that you having full principles and all.

I also believe you and feel sorry da but only after that I also saw that yuvar tell Paes in October itself that yuvar play with him. Dai bleddy blaggard! How yuvar trying to put same side goal? Remember, this is tennis, ra. No goal and all. But still yuvar trying. SO I admire yuvar spirit but still you should not be put like this.

Then AITA is telling they will sending only one team. That is OK, I think. Then they telling Leander should be in team. That also OK because he is high ranking person. Then next high is Bhupathi. So he should partner but he is not a partnering. And Bopanna also not the partnering. But Bopanna and Bhupathi partnering. But AITA not allowing! Ennanga da?! (that means, whatnga da?!)

We as public can’t able to withstand this motherblade ra. See, you three fight and all. That and all is OK. No problem. But problem is when that Arnab and Rajdeep fellow are also making to fighting. Please da. You fellows are not the watch TV, I think. Otherwise yuvar only think that becoming partnership better than this.

If that not enough, this Karan Thappa fellow (who I yam calling the Saguni) is also putting debate. And he is calling one Magazine fellow on his show and telling that Magazine is telling this, Magazine is telling that. He is not telling which Magazine only. But later I found that that fellow name itself Magazine. Some Pradeep magazine, it seems. What and all names they are putting nowadays!

Now next Sagarika madam will also come and put some face the nation. I can’t able to imagine also what and all she will talk! Aiyo! She doesn’t knows anything about the tennis but she will come and put scene like she is Mysore Maharani.

Dai Paes! This Bhupathi fellow is telling he wanting to play with Bopanna, no? Let him ra. You play with that Vishnu Vardhan fellow. I have seen Arindhum Ariyamalum also. That is also good movie. And Billa also, thalae was chancey ille and that also Vishnu Vardhan only. Even if you flop means, at least you can wear nice nice suits and go to Singapore and all for shooting. Also, Sania will be yuvar partner only in mixed doubles. So I thinking she is better than Bhupathi, ra. This I am saying for mixed doubles.

That only I can giuw good advise to you fellows. Pliss to not subject us to any more blade. Also pliss to not subject us to any more of yuvar fothers’ blade. Otherwise these news channel fellows will start interviewing everyone like your fother’s cousin and all for getting the quote.

Anyway, as if, you fellows are sure shot medal fellows yuvar put scene. Bleddy! That is why I told that time itself to put Cheenu mama in charge of this AITA also same like CSK. Then no problem will come. Maybe you fellows need not to play also. Cheenu mama can arrange for gold medal direct.

Nexhtu meet pannalaam.


One thought on “9 o’ clock fuse – Tennis Olympics

  1. Vishal says:

    Nice 🙂 Yuvar good da

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