9 0′ clock fuse – President President


June 19, 2012 by FilterKaapi


What is happening ra? This Arnab fellow is shouting on TV. This Rajdeep fellow is also shouting on TV. Sagarika madam is putting blade. Wait. You are asking what is new, no? Yes yes. That only I am coming to.

Normally they are putting blade for some IPL-based or some petrol hike. All that is OK. Cricket we watch and petrol we drink. We means, I am telling our cars. But we are only paying. Car is not paying, no? So I telling ‘we.’ But suddenly, these past few days, these people are putting severe blade on Who the Next President should be.

I am not a political person but I am tenth standard pass (but Maniaachi IS second standard fail). So I also mugged the civics book same like one fellow in my class mugged R.D.Sharma book. From that, I remember that many things they told about constitution and president and prime minister and all.

I don’t really remember all that what I mugged but I remember distinctly one thing: Indian President is one dokku party. He is not really having power, man. He is not Obama who can tell something about change and then go sit in White House. Indian President can only go to award ceremony, eat free food, go in Government car (Doesn’t even have to pay for eating petrol, Bleddy!) and also go to many countries and go in fighter planes.

If you want to do all that means, go off to Lok Sabha, man. Anyway they are not having any sessions these days. Even if they have, tell off some BJP fellow that some congress fellow told something bad. You need not to tell what also. Just tell someone told something bad. That will enough. Session govinda. You can at least legitimately tell that you have some power. Let some esteemed personalities like Mrs. Patil be president. After all, she can fly plane in saree, man. Even IAF pilot can’t able to do that.

See, first they are not supporting Abdul Kalam for second term last time. Why means I don’t know. But suddenly now they want him again to be president ah? Dai Mamata and Mulayam, whether yuvar idiots? He himself is paavam, man. He alone, his hair alone he is. Why yuvar disturb him? Not allowing him to make rocket and write book also. Bleddy! He himself is telling that he does not want to contest and you peoples are telling he will. What ra? And Mulayam, dirty fellow, yuvar doing katchi thaaving (party jumping. Not like party hopping. This is strictly no alcohol) ah?  One day yuvar in press conference with Mamata; next day you are with Sonia Ji? What ra? Trying to be clever ah? Rascal!

And dai Mamata and Mulayam, whther yuvar even more stupider ah? Dai! Manmohan Singh is PM da! How he can be president? If he is President means, then who will be PM? Rahul Gandhi ah? No, he is the yooth leader and even when he is more than 60 years old he will be yooth vonly and you will tell he has no experience because he is yooth. So then who will be PM? BTW, today is Rahul Gandhi birthday. Happy birthday. He is , I think so, the Afridi in politics. Never becomes old vonly. Always yooth leader.

Then that paavam fellow Sangma. He was somewhere and suddenly he is telling he will be president. Dai! Whether this president is job of cheerleader in IPL that anyone can be? Even in IPL, Cheenu mama has to approve. Maybe we should ask him to appoint president also. Maybe Dhoni can become president. Anyway no work. So he can concentrate on IPL also.

Anyway, this president and all is becoming boring. You can maybe put some super over and see who will win election. I think best is to put Mrs. Patil only for second term also. So we can able to have lady fighter pilot in saree. Otherwise see if you are putting Pranab Mukherjee means he can’t able to even see outside the cockpit da. He is very short and they will always tell things like ‘President should stand tall’ and all.  They will point and loff, ra. Understand please.

Anyway, suddenly now this fellow Ram Jethmalani wants to be President. I think this is same like that fellow asking in Basha who killed that guy and everyone telling ‘maine maara.’ But one good thing is that Ram Jethmalani asinga paduthified Arnab Goswami. So for that itself, I think he can be.

Seri OK. I think it is time for putting my nomination for president also.



One thought on “9 0′ clock fuse – President President

  1. Sarah says:

    Hahaha! You always crack me up. Bluntly insulting everyone I see. All in good humour, of course 😉 You have put it well. Neat. And I have forgotten how you originally talk/text ! 😉

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