Kuch Kuch Dan Brown hota hai!!

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May 18, 2012 by MokkaCheenu

Remember those lines from all those Dan Brown’s novels which make you go – “No way!!” “Wow, is tat true“, later after wikipedia-ing the mumbo jumbo “how the hell did he know that?”. I mean to say the stuff like – Monalisa has one tooth that has the name of davinci written on it, the vatican , when split up reads vat i can i e a wordplay on the brutal tax regime that will be unleashed circa 2000 A.D. So what does this has to do with Kuch Kuch?? Just the other day , at the cafe , I heard this eerie sounding song that had me all John Nash-ing it’s lyrics. I gasped in horror as I found conspiracy theories written into it. So here are some of em.

Before we begin, most of these songs were written in pre-wikipedia times, trying to look em up might only lead to a dead end

So with the usual disclaimer – “Any resemblance to anyone dead or alive might be co-incidental or if otherwise was meant to be co-incidental with the underlying pretence of fooling the listener/reader to think otherwise

Song 1

Koi Mill Gaya : Yes, you know which one it is. This song ,  so cleverly masked under “finding someone” is actually a song of the industrial revolution. A clever wordplay on Mill leads us to decipher that someone has gone to the mill. But (hold your breath moment), that someone isn’t just anyone but Ko.E a lost chinese/african/indian philosopher,this song is the last remaining words of the accounts of Ko.E being shipped off to the mill. Notice the lines ,Mill hi gaya , stressing on the fact that it was the mill he went , nowhere else.  These were the times where mills were not quite boons (see the clever wordplay points to the conspiracy)

Song 2

Agar Tum Mill Jao : It’s the Shreya Ghoshal number all right ,but notice the continuing occurence of Mill!!! This were the last words of the wife of Ko.E warning Ko.E against the evils that might result if he went ahead to the Mill. Agar tum mill jao (If you go to the mill), and so the song goes. As harmless as the lyrics seem , these were meant to underplay the imminent doom that might result (which by the way will be unravelled by a doctor/scientist protagonist with agora/altophobia leaving him with no less than 24 hrs to save the world)

Song 3

Do.Li Saja K Rakhna : The whole truth behind this song comes from  ancient chinese mythology(marked by dark , bloody and gory murders) , it’s the last words of the people of Weh-Reva asking their king to decorate the great philosopher Do Lee. Further mysteries from the song can only be unearthed if the remains of atleast Sing Lee is found (already under scourge by a governmental organization and a bloody sect of a band of  violent make-up men turned killers)

Song 4

Ey Kya bolti Tuu : Disguised under the pretence of romantic dialogue between the male protagonist and the female , this was part of the original conversations between the inhabitants of the mystic city of Cun-Dah-La. The words of the song, when deicphered lead to a treasure/alien life-form fossil/assassination plot of the future president of USA.

The Cafe is not in anyway responsible for Paranoia, Schizophrenia that might result from this post. So next time you listen to Himmmessh’s howl , you might have to listen more closely, maybe record his frequency because you never know where the secret is hiding!!!


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